Part1: Game and Firmware

Q: Is the firmware preloaded?
A: No, the firmware is not preloaded, but we will release the listing of firmware someday in the future, please kindly follow our official website info.

Q: Are there any preloaded games? How many games will you preload?
A: Yes, we will install a few games without authority issues. They are just for testing.
Q: How to install firmware?
A: Download the firmware zip file and unzip the file, you will get a '.img' file. Put the blank SD card in the PC, then you need to install a win32 Disk imager application first and open it, browse your files and find the '.img' the file of the firmware, click 'write', and confirm with 'yes'.

Q: How to copy Roms to SD card by PC?
A: Please insert the micro SD card reader with SD card to your PC and install the Mini Tool Partition Wizard on PC first, then find the Roms folder under the Storage folder, you can copy games to the corresponding emulator folder now.

Part2: Output and WiFi

Q: Does the game console support HDMI output to connect with the TV set?
A: No, RX2020 doesn't support TV output.
Q: Is the game console has WIFI?
A: No, but there is a USB port that will work with a WiFi dongle.

Part3: Emulators and Games

Q: Does RK2020 support N64, DC, and PSP emulator?
A: RK2020 supports PSP PS1 N64 DC GB GBA GBC MAME Mastersystem MegaDrive NEOGEO NES(FC) SNES(SFC) PCengine PCengine cd PS PSX Game gear Sega cd Atari2600 atari5200 atari7800 atari lynx pcenginecd sega cd and other emulators.
Q: Does it run well on N64 and PSP? How's the performance when operating N64?
A: Yes, it runs smoothly when playing the games.
Q: Can it run Nintendo DS?
A: Yes, it can run NDS.
Q: Can it play the God of War?
A: It will be a bit of delaying.

Part4: More Details

Q: How can I know whether the RK2020 I received is new or old version?
A: New RK2020 will have no "reset" button. The old version has it.
Q: Can OGA image work on the RK2020?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: What the max size of the SD card inserted? 256GB
A: 256GB would be the max size. RK2020 will come with a 32GB micro SD card.

Q: Is the screen plastic or glass?
A: It's glass.

Q: How to adjust volume and brightness by using hotkey?
A: Keeping press SELECT continuously (L2 in PSP emulator)+up/down of D-pad.
Keeping press SELECT continuously (L2 in PSP emulator)+left/right of D-pad.

Q: How to save/load games?
A: Please kindly click SELECT-find ADVANCED GAME-AUTO SAVE/LOAD and then to save or load your game.

Q: Can we customize hotkeys in gameplay?
A: Yes, click START- MAIN MENU - CONTROLLERS - SETTINGS - CONFIGURE a CONTROLLER to customize the hotkeys by yourself.
Q: Is the charging issue solved for now?
A: yes, the new version RK2020 (both the crystal and aluminum versions) have fast speed on charging (It takes about 2 hours completely charging)

Q: The display shows 'the file system corruption has been detected', what's wrong with it?
A: No worries, please wait for 2 minutes and it will be normal then.
Q: Do you solve overheating issue during gaming?
A: We had solved the over heating issue for RK2020 new version. But the device will get heat when you play PSP, DC and other "big" games. It requires the chip work more fast for "big"game, which causes the heating issue. It is normal and you will not feel "over-heating" anymore.

Q: Is it possible to charge the console while it is power off?
A:  Yes, It is possible. You can see a battery icon on the screen once connecting the charging cable, which means the unit is being charged.

Q: How to change the Retro Arch to original UI?
A: Please find the main menu in Retro Arch, and there is a Restart RetroArch option, confirm it with A button to restart the original program.

Q: Do you sell purple shell and the ABXY buttons?
A: Yes, we will release them recently.

Q: Can you recommend WiFi dongle?
A: Normal WiFi dongle works.

Part5: Shipping and Warranty Policy

Q: What kind of shipping do you ship?
A: We ship the item by flat rate with tracking number offered.

Q: When will the product be shipped and how long will it take to deliver?
A: We will test the console before we send it out. It may take 15-25 days for you to receive the item, but we cannot 100% ensure since the situation of COVID-19, thank you for your understanding!

Q: Is expedited shipping available?
A: We can ship via DHL, but you may need to pay more $10 USD on the base of standard shipping of $20. Please kindly leave your phone number that required by shipping.

Q: I placed an order, how to upgrade the shipping method?
A: Please Chat with Us on the website, we will check if the package has already been shipped first and then we will send you an invoice for upgrading the shipping.

Q: Should I pay for shipping fees extra?
A: Please kindly go to the payment page to check the shipping fee to your country.

Q: Can you ship the product to my country?
A: We can ship to most of countries and regions. If you can take an order on the payment page, it means we can ship to there.
Q: How about the warranty policy?
A: We can ship you a replacement or refund you if there's a quality issue within 30 days.